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Treating Family Members May Get You In Trouble

The Board has a rule that strongly suggests that it a bad idea to treat family members.  If elect to do so, you must do so as if you were treating a regular patient.  This includes, full H&P, tests, medical records, everything you would do for a guy off the street. 
 However, there is a strict [...]

Texas Physician Health Program Growing

The Texas Physician Health Program (PHP) is continuing to grow.   The Medical Director, Dr. Lloyd Garland reported to the Texas Medical Board that it has offered 364 monitoring agreements to date the nearly year the PHP has been operational.  Of those contracts, 322 have been accepted.  Additionally, there are 26 Physician Assistants enrolled in the [...]

Texas Physician Health Program Update

According to public information on December 3, 2010, the Texas Physician Health Program, which also serves Physician Assistants and Acupuncturist, now has more than 100 people enrolled in its monitoring program. 
 The two big issues that are still unsettled is how to deal with licensees who agree to cease their practice altogether.  The Medical Board and [...]

Notes & Thoughts from the Discplinary Process Review Committee


 Texas Physician Health Program.   Dr. Garland introduced Dr. Alison– practicing psychiatrist – took over from Dr. Jackson .   316 total referrals including self referrals and by TMB.  184 active participants.  72 reported back to TMB.  Talking to several about retiring their licenses.  These will come under a short agreement to conclude an [...]

New Test for Alcohol

There is a new test for alcohol use.  It is longer lasting than Etg & Ets.  It is a blood test where the finger is pricked and a small amount of blood is obtained.  This is not a test in which a very small amount alcohol may not pick but, someone who had relapsed would [...]

Update on Texas Physician Health Program

Dr. Lloyd Garland, PHP Medical Director reported on August 26th that there have been less than 10 self- referrals to date.  The majority of the cases have come from the TMB.  Dr. Jackson opined this is because knowledge of the PHP is not well known as yet in the medical community.
 Dr. Garland did discuss the [...]

More Rule Changes Proposed By the Texas Medical Board

On July 16th, the Texas Medical Board published it proposed rule changes to be considered at it next Board meeting in August.  It is important for licensees and other interested parties to review these rules to determine how it affects you and your practice. 
 If you support or oppose a rule change, you can write to [...]

Change is Coming

Very soon the Texas Medical Board is going to turn over doctors and Physician Assistants in recovery over to a new State wide Physician Health Program (PHP). The PHP is indirectly associated with the Board. The Board president names the Board of Governors who are like the Board members for the PHP. [...]