Dental Board Rule Changes on Anesthesia

May 18th, 2011 by Jon Porter | Print
  • Adopted Rules re:
    • Professional Conduct-Anesthesia and Anesthetic Agents.  The repeal of Chapter 108, Subchapter C  is adopted in order to publish revised anesthesia and sedation rules. Concurrent with this is the adoption of new anesthesia rules contained in new Chapter 110 regarding: Effective Date, Definitions, Minimum Standard of Care, Anesthesia, Sedation/Anesthesia Permit, Permit Requirements and Clinical Provisions, Authority to Demonstrate Anesthesia.
    • Enteral Conscious Sedation-Repeal of Anesthesia Rules regarding:  Definitions, Permit, Permit Requirements and Clinical Provisions, Effective Date .
    • Enteral Conscious Sedation-Adoption of New Anesthesia Rules regarding: Definitions; Sedation/Anesthesia Permit; Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Inhalation Sedation; Minimal Sedation; Moderate Sedation; Deep Sedation or General Anesthesia; Portability; Provisional Anesthesia and Portability Permits; Anesthesia Permit Renewal .
  • Ad-Hoc Committee updated rules based on sedation guidelines adopted by the American Dental Association (ADA) House of Delegates in 2007

The most significant change in the revisions is to the levels of anesthesia and sedation permitting. The permitting process emphasizes the level of sedation of the patient rather than the route of administration of the medication. The new sections establish five levels of anesthesia and sedation permits beyond the standard dental license: Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Inhalation Sedation;

  • Level 1: Minimal Sedation;
  • Level 2: Moderate Sedation (enteral sedation);
  • Level 3: Moderate Sedation (parenteral sedation); and
  • Level 4: Deep Sedation or General Anesthesia.

Most levels of permitting will change in name only. Licensed dentists who lack sedation permits may continue to utilize local anesthetic and prescribe minor tranquilizers for anxiolysis. A licensed dentist who holds an active Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Inhalation Conscious Sedation permit, Parenteral Sedation permit, or Deep Sedation or General Anesthesia permit on or before the effective date of the new sections will have his or her permit automatically reclassified as a Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Inhalation Sedation permit, Level 3 permit, and Level 4 permit respectively on the effective date.

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