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I am having problems getting licensed or I think I may have problems getting licensed

What you should and should not do:

Do not wait to start the licensure process. It can take weeks to months to progress through the licensure process. The Board will not hurry the process just because you have a position waiting or for any other reason. It is best to determine if you might have an issue prior to entering school and seek assistance at that time. However, if you are already in school or have recently graduated, you should still seek assistance.

Document IN DETAIL everything that has happened. Be sure to list dates, names and everything leading up and after the incident as well as the details about the incident. On the top of this document write “Confidential – Attorney-Client Communication/Work product”.

Do not call the Board to try to explain what happened and to pled your case. Many providers have inadvertently harmed their case by calling the Board before they know their rights. The Board investigators are very skilled and their mission is not to protect you and your license. The Board will take extensive notes whenever you call and these notes can be used against you in the future as can anything you put into writing.

Do not rely on advice from instructors or fellow classmates or other non-experienced people. Inappropriate advice can significantly harm your case and can sometimes cause an applicant the loss of a license.

Read each question carefully so that you answer appropriately.

Be truthful when answering the questions. The Board can take action on misrepresentations forever; they are not subject to a statute of limitations. They have taken disciplinary action on misrepresentations that occurred 20-30 years ago.

Always make a copy of your application and supporting documents.


What do I need to do next?

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